With Bing’s new Windows 8.1 apps, it’s easy to do research on topics that interest you, and with the new OneNote for Windows Store app, it’s just as effortless to share information from those apps with others.

As the OneNote Blog reports, “Independently, both are incredibly useful, but when combined, you can really change the way you do things – from start to finish.”

You can see it best in action in the video above, which shows how one couple uses the Bing Food & Drink app and OneNote in tandem to surprise visiting parents. Being able to share directly from the app to OneNote (on a Surface and on a Windows Phone device) gives this couple an upper hand in accomplishing their mission – especially when they’re in two different places.

Read more about how these two apps work well together on the OneNote Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff