If you’re not one of the millions who will be traveling home for the holidays, you can still be there for a visit – using Skype, writes Jason Zone Fisher on the Skype Play Blog.

Over the next few weeks, Fisher will be in Los Angeles, far from family members in Ohio. But he plans to stay connected with them using Skype Group Video Calls during the holidays “because there’s no better way to feel like we’re actually together.”

Up to 10 people can talk and see each other on the same group video call. To use the feature, at least one person on the call needs to have a Skype Premium account.

Sometimes it’s not only about talking, though, it’s about photos, and sharing them with family members. Sending photos by email can be tedious, and even posting them on Facebook or Instagram may not be the way you want to go.

Consider another alternative: Skype’s free file sharing, where you send files online to multiple contacts during a voice, video or group call and in an instant message.

Meanwhile, for staying in touch with people around the globe, Skype is offering a Skype Unlimited World trial subscription with a free one-month trial. Users call mobile numbers in eight countries, and landlines in 63 countries. There are restrictions. The offer is not available in Australia, Brazil, China, France, South Korea, Taiwan or the United States.

For more information on the Skype Unlimited World subscription, read Lisa Gardiner’s post on the Skype Big Blog. And to learn more about group video calls and file sharing on Skype, head over to the Skype Play Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff