Now that the Bing Maps Preview app is in the Windows Store, you can plunge yourself into city streets and landscapes thousands of miles away without ever leaving home.

Built from the ground up for clarity, detail and scale, the app showcases more than 70 cities from around the world. As the Bing Search Blog reports, “You can swoop in, going from a Superman to Clark Kent-like view; from mountaintop to main-street, it is so vivid you feel like you’re there. But this isn’t just about seeing the world, it’s about getting stuff done so we’ve enabled you to get answers and take action directly within the one app.”

The Bing Maps preview was built for Windows 8.1 to work well on touch and desktop devices. The app also takes advantage of smart Windows features including Snapview, Windows notification and Live tiles.

The automated pipeline pushes pixels from a plane to the app in a matter of weeks and has already processed over 121 trillion pixels in order to build this 3D environment. 


Touch it, tilt it, tap it or turn it to immerse yourself and experience maps in new ways -- they dynamically adapt to your vantage point.

With these maps, it’s easy to explore places of interest, landmarks and routes – which appear superimposed over the cityscape. When you click on an item, you’ll see address details and the option to switch to Streetside viewing mode (in selected areas). You’ll also get driving and transit options. 


When you are in Streetside view you’ll also see arrows and labels identifying the street, enabling you to tour the city. The split-view map also gives you a perspective to move greater distances without losing your bearings.

Within the app, the search box is always there when you need it. You can conduct a search for a restaurant or venue and get a route overlay to the destination. Local Scout helps you find nearby places to eat, shop and other activities. If you find something you’re interested in, you can give friends or family a call with Skype with one click. It’ll open in Snapview, so you never have to leave the app. If you find a restaurant you like you can book a reservation through OpenTable and Windows will automatically snap the app to the side so you don’t have to leave the maps preview app.


This app can also help you where you live, too, by saving a favorite route and setting times of the day when you want it to check traffic for you. Then you’ll see real-time traffic notifications directly from the Live tile on your Start screen, or through a notification wherever you are in Windows.

Read more about the wonders of 3D mapping in this app on the Bing Search Blog and the Windows Experience Blog. Download the app today from the Windows Store -- and happy travels!

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff