Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL will develop a common set of APIs to streamline the purchasing of premium digital ad inventory by advertisers and agencies, the three companies announced Tuesday. The new APIs will make it easier for advertisers to buy online ad inventory automatically, while still optimizing their media plans to reach consumers across multiple devices using premium digital advertising offerings.

“Microsoft, together with AOL and Yahoo, is committed to the growth of programmatic premium,” said Microsoft executive Rik van der Kooi. “We see this approach as being both ‘advertiser friendly’ and ‘publisher friendly’ – something that will address the challenges and inefficiencies that make it hard to scale big brand buys on the internet. Ultimately, we believe this will serve as a catalyst to unlock pent-up demand for premium publisher offerings and help speed the migration of offline media spend to online.”

To learn more about the announcement, read Tuesday’s press release on the Microsoft News Center. For more news from Microsoft Advertising, including what the team is up to at Advertising Week New York, check out the Microsoft Advertising Blog.

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Steve Wiens
Microsoft News Center Staff