What if the zombie apocalypse actually happened? “I’ll just lie down and hope it’s quick,” says a friend of mine. “I’ll kill you, you kill me,” says another. Boy, what quitters! I’m not giving up so easily. I’m going to stockpile supplies and defend my small (so it’s manageable) base against the undead and ill-intentioned living alike.

Whatever your plan is for surviving the zombie apocalypse, “Dead Rising 3” lets you live out your own personal zombie-survival story. Capcom has created a massive, persistent world to explore, countless zombies to kill (or run away from, if that’s how you roll) and a number of vehicles and tools to help you destroy or escape the undead. How you survive and fight is completely up to you.

“Dead Rising 3” has a gritty and realistic visual aesthetic, and you can run with that if that’s your preference. Or if you like a touch of the whimsical (some might say awesome absurdity), don a full set of knight armor and add a laser sword and fireman’s axe. Your options are endless, limited only by your own creativity or imagination.

There’s also an optional but neat way you can expand your zombie apocalypse experience by using Xbox SmartGlass Companion for your mobile device. Set navigation waypoints to guide you around, locate weapon caches or call in deadly military airstrikes (because, why not?).

“Dead Rising 3” will be available this November, launching exclusively on Xbox One. For more details, check out this Xbox Wire post.

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Jennifer Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff