Ben Rudolph, Microsoft's director of Windows Phone evangelism and the man behind the Windows Phone Challenge, recently got his hands on the new Nokia Lumia 521 -- now available through T-Mobile. 

Check out this video for his impressions of the phone and for a closer look:

“This is one heck of a good phone for a really, really low price. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first; how good could a $149 phone really be?” Rudolph says. “But once I had the chance to hold it in my hands and play with it for a day or two, my skepticism dissipated.”

Rudolph said the Lumia 521 is tough to beat for a first-time smartphone buyer, or for someone who is upgrading from an older phone and wants a phone that “rocks the basics.”

Check out the Windows Phone Blog for more on the Nokia Lumia 521 and more from Ben Rudolph. 

Jennifer Warnick
Microsoft News Center Staff