Windows Server "8" Beta just became available and it includes a lot of new features in File and Storage Services. The Windows Server blog just released a post detailing a lot of the new File Server capabilities and scenarios included in the new release.

Here's an outline of the post:

  • Background
  • Enabling server application storage on file shares
    - Continuous availability
    - Performance
    - Scalability
    - Data protection
  • Features overview
    - SMB Transparent Failover
    - SMB Multichannel
    - SMB Direct
    - SMB Scale-Out
    - VSS for SMB File Shares
    - SMB-specific Windows PowerShell cmdlets
    - SMB Performance Counters
    - Performance
  • Deployment modes
    - Single-node File Server
    - Dual-node File Server
    - Multi-node File Server
  • Conclusion

We encourage you to visit the Windows Server Blog right now and read all the details. The post is at