This is a list of MSDN doc updates from Diane 


Significant updates:


1.       Several new interfaces and other API elements were added for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. For more information, see “What's New in VSS in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7” (

2.       In “Using Tracing Tools with VSS” (,  information about the VssTrace tool was added.

3.       In “Volume Shadow Copy Service” (, a download link for the beta Windows 7 SDK was added.

4.       A new topic, “Using Tracing Tools with ASR Applications” (, was added.

5.       The failover clustering VSS writer is now documented in “Backing Up and Restoring the Failover Cluster Configuration Using VSS” (

6.       The Hyper-V VSS writer is now documented in “Backing Up and Restoring Virtual Machines” (

7.       In "Registry Keys for Backup and Restore” (, the DisableMonitoring registry key was added, and the reference information for the FilesNotToBackup key was significantly expanded.

8.       In “VShadow Tool and Sample” (, information about the new LUN resync command-line options was added.

9.       VSS_COMPONENT_FLAGS ( was updated to mention that the VSS_CF_BACKUP_RECOVERY and VSS_CF_APP_ROLLBACK_RECOVERY can be used with transportable shadow copies beginning with Windows Server 2008.


Corrections and minor updates:


1.       “Overview of Pre-Backup Tasks” ( was corrected to indicate that VSS requesters, not writers, call PrepareForBackup.

2.       IVssDifferentialSoftwareSnapshotMgmt::ChangeDiffAreaMaximumSize ( was updated to mention that if the llMaximumDiffSpace parameter is -1, the maximum diff area size is unlimited.

3.       In IVssBackupComponents::BackupComplete (, the following sentence was added: "Do not call this method if the call to IVssBackupComponents::DoSnapshotSet failed."

4.       A table of return values was added to IVssBackupComponentsEx2::BreakSnapshotSetEx (

5.       In IVSSBackupComponentEx3::RecoverSet (, VSS_E_ BAD_STATE was added to the list of return values.

6.       In IVssBackupComponentsEx3::AddSnapshotToRecoverySet (, the descriptions for the VSS_E_SNAPSHOT_NOT_IN_SET and VSS_E_VOLUME_NOT_SUPPORTED return codes were updated.

7.       A sentence about session identifiers was added to CVssWriterEx2::GetSessionId ( and IVssBackupComponentsEx3::GetSessionId (

8.       In "Registry Backup and Restore Operations Under VSS" (, information about Windows XP was clarified.

9.       "Required Behaviors for Shadow Copy Providers” ( was clarified to indicate that hardware shadow copy LUNs must be read/write.

10.   In IVssBackupComponents::AddToSnapshotSet (, the first sentence in the Remarks section was corrected to read, "The maximum number of shadow copied volumes in a single shadow copy set is 64." (Previously it said "shadow copies," not "shadow copied volumes.")