Storage Tips: How to create namespace links in Uppercase

Storage Tips: How to create namespace links in Uppercase

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When you create namespace folders (links) using DFSUtil in Windows Server 2008, the namespaces links are lowercase. This is a known issue, and as a work around, you can use dfscmd /map to create Uppercase links in DFS namespace.

Ganesh Prasad

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  • Hi Ganesh,

    How can I incorporate this in the script for UDS Provisioning, which was supplied in the Windows Server 2008 Resource Kit?

    I'm not a scripter, nor a programmer so I (and a few other people I presume) could use a little help in configuring that script.

    The portion that needs adjustment is as follows:


    Sub Create_DFS_Namespace()

    ' =====================================================================================

    ' Create DFS namespace for %username% DFS folder and the user's data stores beneath it

    Dim sUserDFSFolder

    ' Define the top-level folder for the user within the DFS namespace

    sUserDFSFolder = sUserDFSNamespace & "\" & sUsername

    ' %USERNAME%\Documents

    sCommand = """" & DFSUTIL & """ link add " & _

    sUserDFSFolder & "\" & sUserDocsDFSFolder & _

    " \\" & sUserDataServer & "\" & sUserDocsShareName & _

    "\" & sUsername & "\" & sUserDocsPath

    arr = Execute_Capture( sCommand, 10, True)

    Log_Command sCommand, arr


    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thierry Vos

  • Thanks Ganesh.

    Have found that lowercase letters created by DFSUTIL (W2K8 - v6.0.6001.18000) for W2K3 R2 Domain based DFS user redirected folders (Desktop, Documents etc) also causes the "Plain" documents icon issues seen here

    These issues were resolved when the Documents, Desktop and Profile.v2 DFS folders were recreated with DFSCMD.