File Server Migration Toolkit v 1.1 Beta

File Server Migration Toolkit v 1.1 Beta

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After requests to release a version of File Server Migration Toolkit (FSMT) compatible with Windows Server 2008, the Storage Solutions Division at Microsoft brings you FSMT 1.1 Beta!

Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit v 1.1 adds the possibility to migrate and consolidate data to file servers running Windows Server 2008. With that, FSMT aims to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase the efficiency of storage management and backup tasks. It covers two main features:

  • File Server Migration Wizard which copy shared folders, files, and their security settings from a source file server to a target file server.
  • DFS consolidation root wizard which maintain the original Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path of files after they are migrated to a new server.

We are running a short beta for the tool. If you’d like to have first hand access to FSMT 1.1, follow the instructions below before August 8th:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your live ID. If it’s your first time at Connect, you might have to fill in a small profile.
  3. Under the Connection Directory session, look for “File Server Tools” program and click “Apply Now”.
  4. In the left menu, click the “Download” link to download FSRM 1.1 beta.

Instructions for download and submitting feedback can be found inside the program main page.

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  • According to this FAQ here (, Windows XP's capability of reading UDF will be upgraded to 2.50 shortly after Windows Vista is released. So far, I only know that MS has released IMAPI 2.0 for Windows XP too. So, does IMAPI 2.0 also enable XP to read UDF 2.50? Has MS forgotten or changed this? Getting UDF 2.50 discs to read under XP is a pain today.

  • We support writing UDF 2.5 in XP with IMAPI 2.0, but …there is no way to read it on XP. The FAQ in the blog is incorrect: currently there are no plans to add UDF 2.5 read support for XP. We will correct the blog to avoid further confusion.


  • thanks man its worked like magic

  • Why isn't your team fixing the issue described in KB926185? Can't you provide an update for XPSP2/SP3 and Vista that tells those OSes to stop deleting the other OS's shadow copies/restore points? Already, Vista's market share is close to 15%, added to that is the fact that Previous Versions is only included in Business, Enterprise and Ultimate, and then there are users who've Vista but dual-boot between XP. So the actual number of users who'll end up using this powerful and useful feature will be very less. If MS's storage team modified XP so it doesn't delete Windows Vista and later OSes' shadow copies/restore points and vice versa, then Previous Versions will have real potential. And won't this issue also affect Windows 7?

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  • Maybe not the correct forum for this question but you can point me in the correct direction if I'm wrong.

    I have a two node Server 2003 SP1 cluster with a number of DFS roots that we need to migrate to a new physical disk due to the replacement of a SAN.

    Is there a tool that can lift the DFS roots (and link) and migrate them to the new disk?

    Would FSMT facilitate this?