How to synchronize Offline Files when you log off of Windows Vista

How to synchronize Offline Files when you log off of Windows Vista

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Several customers have asked us about this recently. In Windows XP, you had the option of automatically synchronizing before logging off. Though this did ensure that your offline cache was up-to-date before you logged off, users often complained about this delay. In Windows Vista, if you want to ensure that your offline cache is up-to-date before logging off, you can right-click the Sync Center tray icon and select Sync All. Though Sync Center does not provide an automatic "sync at logoff" behavior, you can set up a schedule to synchronize your offline files at the end of the day or at other times before you typically log off.


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  • Is there still a way to do a sync from the command-line?

    If so, it would be straightforward to have that run from Task Scheduler -- the "On disconnect from user session" option should include logoff, I think.

  • Yes, we have two scripts that can be used to synchronize from the command line. I will post them within the next couple days or you can email me and I'll send them to you.

  • Could you post these scripts for us?


  • Jill,

    As a long-time offline files user in XP, I understand and appreciate your comment about the delay when synchronizing when logging off. Personally, however, I found it worth the wait to ensure that all of my files were synchronized to my laptop. Obviously, other users felt that the wait was too much of a burden - and that's fine.

    I don't understand why you would take this choice out of the users' hands in Vista. Why do I not even have the option to synchronize at logoff? And, when will we get this functionality back?

    I'm really, really bummed about this change, for the following reason. I am just finishing converting my whole office from XP over to Vista, along with some hardware upgrades. I explicitly upgraded all of my switches and NICs to gigabit ethernet, bought two new RAID controllers, and bought a bunch of top-of-the-line SATA disks with 3Gbps, NCQ, largest caches, etc. - for the express purpose of making offline files synchronize faster when I log off! I did this not because I hated how slow synchronization was, but because I love what it can do for me and want to use it more extensively.

    Offline files is one of the absolute best features in Windows. As a traveling, self-employed consultant with several computers, my business literally depends on it. I never even thought to look into whether synchronize-on-logoff would be available when upgrading to Vista because I just couldn't imagine that something so fundamental to disconnected computing - namely, making sure that you have your files before you disconnect - would (or even could) be taken out of the product.

    I don't ask for much, but please, please, please give me the option to automatically synchronize at logoff again! You can even set it to disabled by default, so other people aren't bothered by it. You can bury it in the group policy setting or force me to manually create a new registry value to enable it so most users won't be confused by it in the Sync Center. Just please add it back somewhere. Thanks.