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    When you connect an IAG portal, a client-side component will inspect your workstation and will take a “technical picture” of your machine. This “picture” will contain by default more than 200 checks and can be extended quickly to cope with your own security constraints. Once this analysis...
  • Blog Post: Tracing UAG : don’t be blind ;-)

    Tracing a product is always a good thing. First , it helps you to understand how it works internally and so enhance your own skills… second , it helps you to understand why such expected feature or configuration is not working fine. With IAG (previous version of UAG) we used several technics like...
  • Blog Post: Tracing Client-side

      When you connect IAG for the first time a “client”  (in fact a bunch of sub components) are installed on the machine (there are other ways to install the client than online install). Later they will be loaded when needed when you connect IAG, or load application that are tagged as “high secure...