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    Aaron Margosis interviewed on Channel 9's Taste of Premier about Security Guidance for Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and IE 11:
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    Updated, 28 April 2008 We're preparing a new utility for public release and will be demonstrating it in a webcast on Thursday, May 8, 2008 Tuesday, April 29, 2008 , 2:30pm Eastern time. The utility is called Apply_LGPO_Delta, and makes it possible to automate custom changes to local group policy...
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    Please post your comments and questions with respect to this webcast here...
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    This page has the most recent versions of utilities for automating the management of Local Group Policy Objects (LGPOs). [Update, Jan 15, 2010: Instead of linking to another page containing the latest versions of the utilities, the utilities will always be attached to this page.] Because the software...
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    Our upcoming FDCC webcasts include: Dec 5, 2007: Top 10 Questions About FDCC Discussion of the Top Ten List of questions customers have asked Microsoft with respect to the FDCC initiative Dec 19, 2007: Utility to Apply FDCC Settings to Local Group Policy Demonstration and discussion of a new utility...
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    Q&A content from the "Using BitLocker with FDCC and FIPS" webcast from May 27, 2008. The recording of the webcast may be viewed on-demand here . Question: You may have mentioned this earlier but should FIPS be setup before or after FDCC? Answer: FIPS should be enabled and applied to...
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    Author: Paul Fox, Senior Consultant Question : Is it possible to save more than 1 Set of Recovery Keys to a single USB drive? Answer: Yes, you can save multiple BitLocker recovery keys to single USB drive. The size of a key is 124 bytes. More information can be found at