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A technical resource to help implement the US Govt Configuration Baseline (USGCB) on the Windows platform.

September, 2008

  • FDCC and Internet Explorer 7, Part 1: Security Zones

    Part 1 of a series on the intersection of Internet Explorer 7 and application of security guidance (e.g., the US Federal Desktop Core Configuration). Quick primer on security zones, policies, preferences, templates; Trusted Sites vs. Intranet zone, and the so-called "locked-down" zones.
  • FDCC Blog Alert: Issue with Vista SP1

    Author: Shelly Bird Credit: Syed Ismail, Ben Christenbury Applies to: Vista SP1 alone. Setting: Microsoft Network Client: Digitally Sign communications (always) is set to Enabled in FDCC. History: The server side settings are always...