This page has the most recent versions of utilities for automating the management of Local Group Policy Objects (LGPOs). [Update, Jan 15, 2010:  Instead of linking to another page containing the latest versions of the utilities, the utilities will always be attached to this page.]  Because the software hosting this blog allows only one attachment per page, the source code will be posted on another page, with the updated link below.

Set_FDCC_LGPO -- applies all the FDCC Group Policies published by NIST on their web site to the Local Group Policy of the Windows XP or Windows Vista computer you run the utility on.

  • Latest version, Q1 2009 [updated 2009-09-15]
  • Webcast:  [getting this fixed]

Apply_LGPO_Delta -- automates custom changes to local policy and security settings on the Windows computer you run the utility on.

ImportRegPol -- reads content from a registry policy (registry.pol) file, and imports it into local policy on the current computer, and/or writes its content to a log file in a format that Apply_LGPO_Delta can use.

  • Latest version (1.1) [2010-01-15]

The latest source code for these utilities is here: