[2009-04-15:  Attachment removed.  Bookmark this page for the latest versions of these utilities.] 

Apply_LGPO_Delta v1.0 is a non-interactive tool that is designed to help make automated changes to Local Group Policy.  It can make changes to registry-based policy as well as apply security templates.  The primary intended scenario is to apply custom changes to FDCC policies after having applied those policies to Local Group Policy using a tool such as Set_FDCC_LGPO.

The utility requires administrative rights, and runs only on Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher, or Windows Vista (RTM or higher).  If the utility is run without admin rights or on an unsupported platform, an error message is displayed in a message box dialog.

More information is available in the documentation (Apply_LGPO_Delta.htm) included in the zip file attached to this blog post.  The zip file also includes the utility, a set of starter input files representing common requested changes, and a batch file demonstrating command line syntax and conditional execution following Set_FDCC_LGPO.

Source code in the form of a Visual Studio 2005 VC++ project is available here.