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Pour ceux qui l’attendaient, la prochaine version de Data Protection Manager est disponible en version Beta à savoir donc DPM 2012 Beta Sourire

En effet la disponibilité a été annoncée sur le blog officiel System Center et le blog de l’équipe DPM

A Quick summary of the feature set

·         Centralized Management (Built on the Ops Manager platform) 

o   Centralized Monitoring and Troubleshooting             

o   Remote Administration

o   Remote Recovery

o   Push To Resume Backups

o   Role Based Access

·         Continued Best of Breed Application Support

o   SharePoint Item Level recovery without restoring Content DB

o   SQL FILESTREAM support

o   SharePoint RBS support

o   Hyper-V Item Level Restore from a DPM running in a VM

o   Faster protection of VMs on stand-alone Hyper-V servers.

·         Fresh DPM 2012 Console User Interface

·         Data Source Extensibility Framework

·         Certificate Based Protection of non-AD machines

o   File Server

o   SQL Servers

o   Hyper-V servers

o   Clustered Data sources

o   Secondary DPM servers.

·         Tape Enhancements:

o   Enhanced Granular Media Co-Location

o   Tape Reliability Enhancements

·         Multiple DPM DB databases share a single remote SQL Instance

·         Upgrade support from DPM 2010


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