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 This hotfix rollup addresses the following issues:

Issue 1

Mount points cannot be protected on secondary DPM servers because mount points are not visible. However, mount points should be displayed as protectable on secondary DPM servers.

Issue 2

After the DPM service crashes, it cannot restart because of a handling failure that occurs during inquiry.

Issue 3

After you migrate DPM data to a new disk, the old recovery points are no longer listed after the DPM server is restarted. Recovery points that are created after the disk was migrated are listed.

Issue 4

After you migrate DPM data to a new disk and then delete the inactive replica, the active replica is dismounted, and recovery points for the replica are not listed.

Issue 5

When you click the Recovery tab and then browse through the list of files to be restored, the DPM service may stop if a file has an invalid time stamp. (A time stamp is invalid if it is for a created or modified date earlier than January 1, 1753.)

Issue 6

You cannot install the DPM protection agent on a system that is running Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008.