There are a couple of videos I created and released recently which all relate to this concept – how can your organization effectively deliver applications to various devices like iPads, Android devices, Windows PCs (even “bring your own”), and Tablets?  There are a lot of options out there and in these two videos we break it down.


In this video with Mike Chan – we spend most of the ~6 minutes on the whiteboard explaining the various types of delivery mechanisms and the characteristics of each.  It is useful to give you a framework of wrapping your head around the landscape regardless of whether or not you are a Microsoft-only shop.

In the latest TechNet Edge show – where I focus on the broader “Consumerization of IT” topic, we dive into how Office really is available in these different delivery mechanisms – with a special focus on web apps.  It’s nice to see an example of how the higher level framework from the previous video plays out with one of Microsoft’s flagship applications.