January, 2008

  • How to enable Circular logging in Exchange 2007

    Here's a quick one; Set-StorageGroup -Identity "First Storage Group" -CircularLoggingEnabled $true (the identity should be "SERVER NAME\STORAGE GROUP NAME")
  • Forefront SP1 and Exchange 2007 SP1

    For all of those that are planing the update to Exchange 2007 SP1 and have Forefront for Exchange be aware that the update of the forefront for Exchange to SP1 is needed first, here's some useful links: Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server...
  • New Update to Microsoft Transporter Suite

    Hi all Being a little busy right now it's a hard to find time to write anything but after find this update managed some minutes to share with everyone here's the overview: Transporter Suite contains a set of tools for migrations from both Lotus Domino...