Evan Dodds posted a very good reference kind of post on his blog - talking about what the filterable properties are in Exchange 2007 RTM. He provides the reference tables for the following:

  • RecipientFilter
  • Get-CASMailbox
  • Get-Contact
  • Get-DistributionGroup
  • Get-DynamicDistributionGroup
  • Get-Mailbox
  • Get-MailContact
  • Get-MailPublicFolder
  • Get-MailUser
  • Get-Message
  • Get-Queue
  • Get-Recipient
  • Get-UMMailbox
  • Get-User
  • Get-Group

To see it all, please go here.

PS. The one that many people ask for is called "MemberOfGroup" which Evan also covered separately here...

- Nino Bilic