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Weekly tips from the "Tip o' the Week" email distribution inside of Microsoft.

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  • Blog Post: Tip o’ the Week #168 – Loving some Windows Phone 8 tips

    At a recent “Love It” internal event hosted in Microsoft UK’s Reading campus, a whole series of tips and tricks were shared amongst other Microsofties. Did you know, for example, that with an application called ZipApp ( – check it out), you can build a Windows 8 app in a few minutes...
  • Blog Post: Tip o' the Week #187 – A Route for old times

    Once upon a time, a company called NextBase wrote some software to help people plan routes across the road network, using a computer. It was expensive in the day (£130 in 1988 works out about £300 in today’s money ), but if your job was to schedule travelling reps or delivery drivers, then time was money...
  • Blog Post: Tip o’ the Week #73 – Using Bing Maps in London

    Here’s a quick but useful tip for Bing Maps (did you know, by the way, that you can jump straight to the maps by entering as the URL? Or if you’ve super-efficient, just type bingmaps into the address bar on IE, and press CTRL+ENTER and it will do the rest for you). If...