The Electric Wand

Weekly tips from the "Tip o' the Week" email distribution inside of Microsoft.

November, 2013

  • Tip o’ the Week #196 – Change Outlook meeting duration

    It’s seemingly an irrefutable law that when you book a meeting for an hour, it takes an hour. Or what might happen is some people are still rocking up at 3 or 4 minutes after the start, and others start packing up 5 minutes before the end because they...
  • Tip o' the Week #194 – Windows 8.1 Reading List

    Windows 8.1 is now available free for existing users of Windows 8, and in a break with tradition, will not be sold as an upgrade to existing installed Windows versions – it’ll just be the full version, and that’s it. Upgrading from Windows 8.1 Preview...