The Electric Wand

Weekly tips from the "Tip o' the Week" email distribution inside of Microsoft.

January, 2010

  • Snipping tool for OneNote users

    Following on somewhat from my off-topic Walking in the Country post, I thought I'd recount one useful tip that helps in grabbing the maps (or any other screen content, for that matter . at least anything that isn't rights-protected). If you have OneNote...
  • OCS Custom Status updates – another update

    Some time ago, I wrote on OCS custom status fields and how to implement them… Custom presence states in Office Communicator Custom presence states in Communicator, reprise Custom presence states in OCS – revisited again ...
  • Going for a walk in the country

    I know it's been a bit quiet in recent weeks here, but I figured I could chip in the now traditional New Year random post, which might of interest outside of the working day. Here's last year's post on how to wash you car . During the Christmas and New...
  • OCS Ewand

    Ewan D placeholder - <? xml version="1.0" ?> - < customStates xmlns =" " xmlns:xsi =" " xsi:schemaLocation ="
  • OCS funny

    Funny status
  • OCS Serious

  • OCS Generic

    generic placeholder
  • OCS Registry

    Registry file pointing to EwanD status