The Electric Wand

Weekly tips from the "Tip o' the Week" email distribution inside of Microsoft.

April, 2009

  • Outlook Thread Compressor download now available

    Nearly a year ago, I wrote about Thread Compressor on here – it’s an add-in to Outlook which removes unnecessary emails, on the assumption that most people reply to mail and leave the original intact, so you could keep the last mail in each branch of...
  • Exchange 2010 beta & high availability strategies

    Exchange 2010 beta released - significant changes to architecture of clustering and high availability make provisioning highly available servers simpler and less expensive.
  • Office 2007 SP2 now available

    I’ve been beta testing Office 2007 SP2 since the beginning of the year, and it’s been great – the single biggest reason to use it is the myriad improvements made to Outlook, in terms of stability & performance (particularly relating to search and...