The Electric Wand

Weekly tips from the "Tip o' the Week" email distribution inside of Microsoft.

About The Electric Wand


About The Electric Wand

My name's Ewan Dalton. I'm a bit of a geek, I suppose. Not enough to wear a "There's no place like" T-shirt (though, secretly, I'd quite like that). Anyway, as I find stuff out in my job (I work for Microsoft, currently as a manager of technical people, though in the past I've been more hands-on with numerous technologies) and through the various trials and tribulations that any techie faces, I figured it might be worth sharing some of it.

I used to write specific articles for the blog, but since late 2010 I've decided to turn it over to sharing productivity tips that I publish every week via email, to Microsoft insiders. Some of the tips are really specific to the Microsoft internal network and there's little point in posting, so I've left a few out - if you see gaps in the numbering of posts, that's why - we're playing catch up at the moment (since I publish a new tip every week internally, and the ones going onto the blog are a few months behind).