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Evan's Exchange Team Blog post and an update on the 70-285 "Designing Exchange 2003" Exam

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Posting it here late, but better late than never! One of my posts got onto the Exchange Blog at the end of February. http://blogs.msdn.com/exchange/archive/2004/02/26/80489.aspx

Also, a bit more timely, this one: I got my results back today from the 70-285 “Designing Exchange 2003“ exam I took in beta back in January, so it looks like this test will be available very shortly!

  • Hi Evan,

    I also took the Exchange 70-285 test while on Beta. But has not received any results yet... How has you do it. Pass or Fail ???


  • Benji -

    I had previously passed the 284, 292, and 296 exams so the email I received was actually a "congrats on becoming an MCSE Messaging Specialist on 2003" notification. Not sure if I would have gotten one just from this test alone...?

    In any case, you can check your transcript online at https://partnering.one.microsoft.com/mcp/ and it should show the test listed if you've passed.


  • Thanks for the info... I know about the MS transcript webpage and Vue also show my test as taken (No results yet) I also have passed 284, but have not done the 2003 "accelerated" ones.

    I'm just going to wait a few more days and will be "notified" by Vue.

    Thanks and Congratulations !!!


  • And when can I expect another post from you, eh? :-)

  • Hi all.

    I just find out that I failed that test. I´ll try it again anyway :-(

    BTW, I´m going to wait for my score report and see how I did.