This is a blog around all topics related to Data Management (SQL & BI). I hope to provide updates from Microsoft, info on the marketplace, what the competition are up to, Partner activity and anything that I see that might be of interest to others!

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  • Blog Post: Whats more significant than Vista and Office?

    I'll tell you .......Microsoft Expression Web!! Review: Microsoft's Expression Web—which rivals leader Dreamweaver on many levels—could be a more significant release than even Vista and Office 2007. eWEEK Dec4, 2006 "In the wake of the massive releases of Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 , it...
  • Blog Post: Web Developers take a look at what Microsoft now has!

    Yesterday Microsoft announced Expression Studio - a new suite of tools for web developers. I will be working on this new offering to develop a channel for Microsoft. So expect to see more info as it emerges. The Microsoft Expression Studio consists of Expression Web (formerly known by the code name Quartz...