My thoughts have gone from snow dumps... to data dumps... all in the space of a couple of days!

IDC says we'll be swimming in almost 1,000 billion gigabytes of digital data by 2010 - thats a 6 times increase from 2006.

Take into account photos, videos, e-mails, web pages, instant messages, phone calls and all the other digital content around us. Then assume that on average each digital file gets replicated three times! Hmmm ... the numbers are getting big.

The Internet plays a big part. In 1996 only 48 million people routinely logged onto the Internet. Last year, there were 1.1 billion users on the Internet. IDC expects another 500 million users to come online by 2010.

Pictures are the leading usurpers of gigabytes. No surprise when you consider images captured on consumer digital cameras in 2006 exceeded 150 billion worldwide, while the number of images captured on cell phones hit almost 100 billion.

Add it all up and IDC determined that the world generated 161 billion gigabytes — 161 exabytes — of digital information last year.

Now start thinking about the equivalents...

  • 3 million times the information in all the books ever written
  • 12 stacks of books that each reach from the Earth to the sun
  • You'd need more than 2 billion of the most spacious iPods on the market to get 161 exabytes


and then theres blogs.....

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