Do you know that you could change the world?

Big names in America's engineering, as well as millions of Internet users around the world, are being asked to nominate what they believe to be the greatest technological challenges of the next century.

This is a nine-month process that could give birth to new research initiatives.

The project, called the "Grand Challenges for Engineering" program, is aimed at gathering up all those ideas and distilling them into a list of 20 puzzles for engineers to solve — in fields ranging from energy to communications to aerospace to advanced materials.

The first stage of the project is to gather suggestions on future challenges from the engineering community as well as the general public. Comments are being gathered through the academy's Web site as well as's message boards.

The academy will unveil the 20 top challenges in September.

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My nomination?

To invent a travel machine - press a button & I'm there in an instant!  No more sitting on the M25... no longer stuck behind slow drivers... avoid those wet miserable weekends.....