Yesterday Microsoft announced Expression Studio - a new suite of tools for web developers. I will be working on this new offering to develop a channel for Microsoft. So expect to see more info as it emerges. 

The Microsoft Expression Studio consists of Expression Web (formerly known by the code name Quartz); Expression Blend, the new name for Microsoft Interactive Designer (formerly known by the code name Sparkle); Expression Design, the new name for Expression Graphic Designer (formerly known by the code name Acrylic); and a new tool, Expression Media.

This new technology will offer a tool for developers that currently use products such as Adobe Macromedia & Dreamweaver.

Expression Web, the Web design tool that had been in beta up to now, is available immediately. Expression Studio and all of the individual products will ship in the second quarter of 2007.

Microsoft Unveils Expression Studio, Preview of WPF/E

eWeek - December 04, 2006

Microsoft on Monday introduced Expression Studio, an integrated suite of tools for designers, and released a new preview of technology that it's developing to challenge Adobe Systems' Flash.


Microsoft Expression Studio Web Site; Microsoft Design Web Site