November 20, 2006 Computerworld

"At the annual conference of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) user group, Microsoft said it is designing a 270TB multinode data warehouse for a foreign government. Microsoft is also working on a 162TB single-node installation for its own marketing department.

Both systems would easily top a 100TB Oracle data warehouse at Yahoo Inc. that in September 2005 was ranked as the world’s largest known installation by Winter Corp., a Waltham, Mass.-based consulting firm. Winter has yet to update its rankings, and Mark Souza, Microsoft’s group program manager for SQL Server, acknowledged last week that larger data warehouses may exist at user sites that prefer not to be ranked for competitive or national security reasons.

Nonetheless, some users and analysts at the PASS conference said that with SQL Server 2005, Microsoft is putting to rest lingering doubts about its ability to handle large enterprise workloads."

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