If you're a Microsoft Partner then you will be very interested in the Windows Vista Demo Readiness Toolkit (DRT).  This is the best demo environment a partner can get to show off all the new features in Vista and is going to be an essential tool to help spread the Business Value messages for Vista and Office 2007 (which is also included on the DVD). It includes customer scenarios, sample applications and a feature showcase that allows you to very easily demonstrate all the key features. 
The DRT (Demo Readiness Toolkit) for Vista is now available for Partners in the UK to go ahead and order. 
RC1 for now, RTM version in the pipeline
At the moment the DRT is based on the RC1 build of Vista but we're currently busy putting together the bits for the RTM one as we speak.  Stay tuned for an announcement about and RTM DRT in the next couple of weeks.
Where to get it?
If you are a partner in the UK then you can order your copy here: Order the DRT