I came across this fascinating article online by Dennis Forbes about domain names. It has loads of interesting stats including:

  • All two- and three-letter .com domain names have been taken.
  • 80 per cent of four-letter names have gone
  • The most popular domain name length is 11 characters
  • The most common letter to start with is S
  • All the popular male and female first names and popular surnames have been taken

Its written in an amusing way - take a look - http://www.yafla.com/dforbes/2006/03/29.html#a302

Ok so this isn't initially connected to SQL or BI ...but wait....check out the last paragraph....


"Hopefully this was a bit entertaining, and maybe even informative. I'm doing a much more intriguing, large-scale analysis (again, it's a nice opportunity to demonstrate some of the new SQL Server 2005 functionality) that I'll publish soon, but these were the low-hanging fruit."

Cheers Dennis! :-)