Our new Partner Portal is live!

It has been designed to help our partners get access to the right information for their business. Last year we saw a 37% increase in usage of this site.

Apparently the portal is the culmination of over two years’ research and development with our partners. The main design changes are the six ‘top tabs’ which display the information categories that are requested most frequently.  The new left-hand navigation complements the top tabs by providing appropriate and relevant content information.

Other partner benefits include:

·         A search engine that has a relevance rating of 94%

·         Easier navigation, so tasks are accomplished more quickly

·         A 66% increase in content, providing increased depth and breadth of information

·         All resources have been brought together for the UK market, so partners aren’t diverted to the global site.


I think it looks good. I know a lot of our partners get lost in the maze of info we stick on our websites. And its all to easy for us to say "its on our website." "But where?" comes the response. Good question! Many of my meetings with new partners are followed up by emails with long lists of all the different sites to find the info we have discussed. Lets hope this new site makes all our lives that bit easier.

Take a look and see what you think...