The latest research by IDC shows Microsoft is ahead of the pack in terms of growth in the business intelligence (BI) tools market. Microsoft is leading all legacy pure-play and database vendors in BI revenue growth. In addition, ProClarity, an advanced analysis and visualization BI vendor, recently acquired by Microsoft, was also in the top 5 for growth.

According to Dan Vesset, IDC analyst and author of the BI market share report:

"Microsoft's BI Tools revenue growth in 2005 was more than 25 percent, growing at more than twice the rate of the overall market. Microsoft has seen strong growth over the past several years as it has expanded and enhanced its database-embedded BI features and combined them with related tools such as data integration. Microsoft's impact on the BI tools market cannot be overemphasized. This impact will mark an evolutionary change that has been put into motion by the database vendors overall and will reshape the BI tools market over the next 15 years."

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