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July, 2005

  • Another random AD change in SP1

    The other day over on activedir it was mentioned that in SP1 we added sidHistory to the list of attributes preserved on tombstones. I thought I’d mention this here, and provide some clarity around what actually changed, since there was some confusion...
  • AWE in WOW64 on x64

    Here in the EEC, was asked a good question the other day, thought I’d pass it along. So the scenario is that the engagement in question was to run SQL 2000 SP4 on a box running Win2k3 x64 Enterprise Edition. The server had a good chunk of RAM (I think...
  • MSNBC podcasts....who knew!

    Hey Jeff (my manager) it seems you're not the only one podcasting around here. MSNBC is doing it too . Just stumbled across that today.