Make group work a breeze with the Group Project Toolkit and Office Web Apps. Microsoft's Group Project Toolkit consists of a group paper outline in Word, a group presentation outline in PowerPoint, a tracker for assigning group tasks in Excel and a notebook for group research in OneNote. Users are encouraged to view the document in Office Web Apps, download it to their PC and make their edits. Upload it to SkyDrive and share with the rest of the group.


Hate consolidating and reformatting your group’s work before turning it in? Start everyone off on the right foot by using Word Web App and save the hassle.


Ready to share your work? This PowerPoint doc has what you need to start—everyone can work on the final deck together from almost anywhere.


A great project starts with great research. Get started with this notebook and share with the group on SkyDrive so everyone can contribute and see each other’s notes.


This Excel doc will help you track your project, assign tasks to group members and upload the document to SkyDrive so everyone always knows what to work on.