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  • Blog Post: Java Keys, nCipher and the mysterious InvalidKeyException

    Recently stumbled upon this rather pesky issue using Java JDK 6 and I figured it would be something interesting that other people may appreciate a solution for. I followed the nCipher instructions to a T on how to setup the Java JCE provider. And upon trying to generate keys using KeyTool.exe,...
  • Blog Post: CASE: Using nCipher and OpenSSL (on Windows)

    Using the NCipher with OpenSSL on Windows So I installed a Net HSM and a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine. I wanted to achieve two goals: (1) Using the a Net HSM (aka enrolling) (2) Use the HSM to support OpenSSL/MSCAPI at the same time Update: I am using Windows 7 Enterprise for the client...