It seems that ever since we acquired Softricity and made this application virtualization technology available via the MDOP subscription, it has really taken off like wildfire in EDU.  Below are a few recent case studies and news articles that have been published around its usage at Kent SD in Washington State and Fairfax CSD in the DC area:

And I can certainly attest to the several other implementations across both HED and K12 institutions as well - I have seen first hand the impact this technology has had on under-staffed and under-budgeted institutions.  MAV is certainly a game-changing technology IMHO.

With MAV 4.5 just around the corner as well as the former Kidaro technology (see blog post below this one - Session II video - about 50% through the stream!) looking to soon be part of our virtualization story, I see nothing but more goodness to come!

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