I wanted to share all Duet Enterprise excitement from day 1 at SAP Tech Ed, Las Vegas!

SAP TechEd has roughly 5000+  attendees this year on site at the Venetian in Las Vegas, and has a virtual presence online as well.   The excitement began with a packed keynote session delivered by SAP CTO - Vishal Sikka, during his 90 minute session, Duet Enterprise was highlighted across multiple slides, the Microsoft IT (Peter Loop) video, Cap Gemini video, and a 2nd end to end support Duet Enterprise demo as well.


Vishal also thanked Microsoft for all the work we have done together in bringing this to market, and specifically highlighted that partnerships can work and result in successful joint efforts.  I have attached a few photos from the keynote, apologize for the quality in advance as these are from my phone, note that in keynote_1, Duet Enterprise was clearly introduced at the event, in Keynote 2, Peter Loop from MSIT is speaking, and in Keynote 3, Duet Enterprise was mentioned as one of the few items every organization should be pursuing this year.

Hands On Lab:

Following the keynote we had our joint Duet Enterprise hands on session, the session had seating and machines for roughly 50 people, we had a line with over 200 people wanting to attend our session!   We did add another line of chairs in the back for people to sit in and watch, but unfortunately had to turn many folks away until the next hands on lab on Thursday.  Pictures are attached for this session as well.


We had 3 demo pods showcasing Duet Enterprise demo’s, and a staff of 10+ SMEs (Microsoft & SAP). We were clearly the busiest booth at the event and the excitement about Duet Enterprise was apparent from both the customers and partners, a picture is attached.

Day 2:

Today is also a huge day for us here at the event with the exhibit floor open again, 2 joint expert sessions (one with Accenture and MSIT, and a second with SAP) , a joint technical overview presentation with SAP and Cap Gemini, and a Live streaming interview at noon PST via SAP TechEd Live with Cap Gemini, SAP and me.

Virtual Participation:

Do check out virtual Tech Ed here: SAP TechEd Live

It is very clear that we have great excitement for Duet Enterprise, more to come from SAP TechEd throughout the week!



Booth Day 1

Hands on Lab day 1