Here are some examples of how Duet Enterprise can have a significant impact:

Supplier Sourcing: Do you work on a sourcing project to find suppliers for a key part? With a composite application created using Duet Enterprise, you can design a collaboration site that pulls in material information, live from the SAP materials master objects, and create a set of sharable documents that allow core information to be used in collaboration with people inside and outside your company. Those newly found suppliers could be entered into the SAP system through a new vendor scenario, which is running on SharePoint. This allows for the engineering team, product team, development team, and marketing team to collaborate on the parts design and helps you find the best vendor to provide the materials.

Collaborative Quotation: Many projects require rapid collaboration on a document such as a quotation. Using Duet Enterprise, one team member might view a new quotation, identify the need for input from his team, set up a collaborative workspace and invite the team members, and add data so they can provide feedback. The team joins the workspace and can access the SAP documents they need to view. They then jointly author a response using Microsoft® Word and save the document to the SAP system. The supervisor is then notified that the quotation is ready for approval. All of this is done seamlessly, without emailing documents back and forth or logging in to multiple systems.

For More Information get the Duet Enterprise whitepaper.