imageSharePoint has multiple collaboration features such as shareable documents, discussion forums, blogs, wikis,  tagging, document sets that share common metadata, workflow, task management, and integration with Office Communication Services that allows users to collectively get work done.

With Duet Enterprise, you can collaborate around an SAP business object. For example, if you are working on a purchase order, you can bring together data from disparate business units, and those content users can use a site template to create a collaboration site on the fly around that order and share information that will populate the fields until the order is complete.

If you’re working on a big proposal, you need qualifications, resumes, and data from across your organization—or several organizations if it is a joint venture. Instead of concentrating responsibility in one person, who will be relying on email threads and attachments, with Duet Enterprise, you can centralize the proposal effort, drawing off information in one or more SAP and Office systems.

For More Information get the Duet Enterprise whitepaper.