When you use SharePoint 2010 to access SAP information and processes, the extensibility of your most important applications increases, particularly where outside partners or contractors are concerned. Many internal or external users, the vast majority of who will be familiar with Microsoft Office, will have a need to access and work with line-of-business processes.

By using new solutions facilitated by Duet Enterprise, adoption and extension of your line-of-business systems becomes much easier, and the results are reflected in business metrics. Experience shows that adoption decreases as complex systems such as SAP are extended further away from the finance department that was their initial home. If Microsoft solutions, which have a familiar and intuitive user experience, can be the primary vehicle for adopting line-of-business systems, you can reduce training costs and increase data quality across applications that use both structured and unstructured data. People want a single façade for accessing all their information.

Increase IT effectiveness:

Using Duet Enterprise, IT is able to reduce the backlog of applications business users’ demand of their IT staff. Instead of building 10 applications per year, you can build dozens using the technology platforms you already know and trust. And as access to key process steps are added and collaboration is captured and stored overtime, your IT institutional memory grows and becomes richer. And because of its built-in permissions, security controls, roles, and other SAP artifacts, the applications that had been lying fallow or partly finished because the development team ran out of time and had to move on to the next project can now be deployed in days rather than weeks or months. The more pernicious aspects of bringing to life—and maintaining and supervising—a SharePoint application using business content and process steps have been streamlined to a high degree.

Using Duet Enterprise also opens the door to a much broader range of developers than ever before. This means that the supply of SAP ABAP programmers is no longer a bottleneck to creating applications that extend the functionality and data from SAP to a wider group of users.

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