Duet Enterprise is based on a simple theory: combine the technology people use every day with the technology used to run the business. The technology that people use every day is primarily Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Outlook, and for a growing number of workers, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Mobile devices and browser-based interfaces are also an important part of this mix. When it comes to running the operations of a business, a different set of technology is generally used, such as line-of-business applications like SAP with a whole different set of user interfaces.

Duet Enterprise is a new product from the ground up and contains robust technologies that build on the lessons learned in the creation of Duet 1.0 and 1.5. For an in-depth analysis of Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP, be sure to read The Business Value of Duet Enterprise, a new whitepaper created for Microsoft by CITO Research, a new research service led by Dan Woods, author of many books on SAP-related topics.  Discover how Duet Enterprise provides bidirectional interoperability between SAP workflows and business objects using the familiar user interfaces of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 and learn about the technology architecture that supports this interoperability. Review a comparison of Duet Enterprise to other approaches and follow the evolution from early Duet versions to Duet Enterprise. This whitepaper also provides a detailed review of the many implications of Duet Enterprise for businesses and summarizes all the aspects of Duet Enterprise as well as covering how existing SAP and Microsoft tools for development and operations are utilized to build and operate composite applications.

After reading this paper you will:

· Better understand the new types of solutions that Duet Enterprise enables

· Organizations will have a thorough technical understanding of Duet Enterprise

· Organizations will receive guidance on SAP & SharePoint interoperability approaches

· Organizations will be able to clearly articulate the business value of Duet Enterprise

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