This post is brought to you by Peter Loop, Sr. Principal Architect and Chris Medina from Microsoft IT.

Well it’s been a few weeks since SAPPHIRE and the jet lag has worn off, but the buzz and interest has not waned a bit! The TradeNet POC was a hit! Vishal Sikka, the CTO of SAP, called us out in the keynote (, and now the flood gates have opened. We now have a new Duet Enterprise proof of concept that is kicking into high gear in the HR realm that involves a hiring manager scenario. Additionally, we have at least one more POC heating up in the demand planning space. Add on top of that a ton of interest from field sales around TradeNet, how we optimize our SAP platform, information on operational savings, and MSIT’s vision for Service Oriented Architecture, and we are swamped.

But hey, bring it on – that’s why we showcase our technology in the first place! Some of the team attended the pilot training sessions, and things are getting better. Next week we have some time with the Duet Enterprise product team (MS and SAP) to describe our learnings from the TradeNet POC, and that should be really interesting. Soon the rapid deployment program will kick into high gear, and we will be right there working internally, and we are very excited to see what more we can do with this new product. There are some really cool ideas flying around offering a new roadmap forward for some of our applications and who knows where this could take us. The sky could be the limit. I keep thinking – “I wish it were RTM already..” But then I remind myself that we have some key things that we in MSIT want to help shape and solve. This is a very exciting time!