Getting ready for a Duet Enterprise Deployment

Getting ready for a Duet Enterprise Deployment

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Greetings from the Duet Enterprise product team.

My name is Ranganathan Srikanth and I am a Lead Program Manager in the Duet Enterprise team.

Duet Enterprise, as you might already know, is built on top of two big platforms, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 & SAP Net Weaver 7.02. Before embarking on a Duet Enterprise project, IT administrators, systems integrators and consultants need to do some careful planning. While this is true for any project, it’s truer for Duet Enterprise, since Duet Enterprise deals with the interoperability of SAP applications with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010. This requires navigating extra layers of process, people, software stack and their dependencies from two companies.

A typical Duet Enterprise deployment can be broadly categorized into five distinct phases.

  1. Preparation Phase
  2. Installation Phase
  3. Configuration
  4. Development / Customize
  5. Rollout

In this blog, I will outline the software and hardware pre-requisites for Duet Enterprise which will help in planning.

Software pre-requisites

Hardware requirements

I recommend that you plan your SharePoint deployment configuration based on the best practices guides from SharePoint 2010. SharePoint team has published a lot of resources. is an excellent starting point.

To plan your hardware needs for your SharePoint 2010 deployment, use the following resource, The Duet Enterprise team will be publishing a capacity planning guide in the future, which can help you plan for a scale roll-out.

If you are planning to use Hyper-V configurations for your SharePoint deployment, then I recommend that you read this article

In the subsequent blogs, I will identify the hardware requirements for the SAP servers as well.

Plan your browser support story

Its important that you are aware of the browsers that are supported in Duet Enterprise. Duet Enterprise supports the same set of browsers that SharePoint 2010 supports. The support matrix can be found here. Please note that some features may not work in Firefox 3.5 / 3.6 because of ActiveX dependencies. In a later blog, these Duet Enterprise features will be called out.

I hope this gets you started. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

  • Thanks for this starter information.

    I have a couple of questions if I may.

    a) Could you advise exactly what NetWeaver 7.02 stack is required? Portal? Java AS?

    b) Also I am interested in setting up a basic configuration as a personal project. Do you have any demo/test scenarios documented that can followed to demonstrate the technology?



  • Thanks for update.

    1) Could you please let us know the exact month/date of it's release

    2) Currently what shorts of scinarios it will support as of now we have 10 Scenarios in Duet 1.5

    3) Is it will work as EP is working . will it be the a sap portal for Microsoft Users.




  • Duet Enterprise will require the ABAP stack in SAP NetWeaver 7.02 only. The software bits have not yet been released as we are headed towards the RDP program.  If you are interested in being nominated for the RDP program please work with either your partner or account manager.  

    Duet Enterprise provides an interoperability foundation between SAP Applications and Microsoft SharePoint 2010, tools & business Content, and some ready to use capabilities out of the box.  

  • Thanks for the reply.

    do you think for Duet Enterprise Development we may need Sharepoint designers, .Net/ ABAP Developers and can customorize as we can do currently in Sharepoint.



  • Solution builders building on top of Duet Enterprise can leverage existing skillsets, and use standard tools like Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, and ABAP Workbench.

    There is an upcoming blog from Atanu Banerjee on this topic. Watch this space...

  • Hi Shahanka,

    Here is the link to Atanu's blog.

  • I have the installable for duet enterprise and have configured it for Sharepoint.. does the same installable need to be used to configure at SAP side?

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