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  • Blog Post: Me and my Stay at Home Server

    Hello. My name's David, and I have a stay at home server. It backs up my computers. It centralizes my data. It even lets me access my files and computers on my network from the Internet. I'm proud of my stay at home server. What is my stay at home server exactly? Some massive machine with quad Xeon procs...
  • Blog Post: JungleDisk, Amazon S3 and Windows Home Server

    A couple posts ago I talked about my personal ( disclaimer ) Windows Home Server. I store some of my data on the server and am gradually moving stuff over to it from my PCs. As excellent as the home server is, it currently doesn't allow you to perform backups of data stored on the server (this will change...
  • Blog Post: Power Pack 1 available for Windows Home Server

    The Windows Home Server team released Power Pack 1 today. It's been a long road for the Home Server team and I have to imagine, a pretty big learning experience. We always want to release the best software we can but being part of the beta audience for Home Server within the company, I could see the...