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This is the blog maintained by staff at Microsoft to provide general information, announcements and provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to daylight saving time (DST) and time zone (TZ) changes around the world. * Important Notice

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  • Blog Post: Update for Morocco 2015 Ramadan End is Now Available

    Please find the hotfix update to address Morocco 2015 Ramadan End scenario here:
  • Blog Post: [Updated] Prepare for 2015 Morocco Ramadan DST Change

    KB 3062740 and KB 3062741 were released last month to address this year's Ramadan DST change in Morocco. However, on Monday, 6/8 Morocco government officially announced this year's Ramadan period, which is different from the dates that KB 3062740 and KB 3062741 are based on. Unfortunately there...
  • Blog Post: Updates Available for Morocco DST Ramadan Exception in 2014

    The government of Morocco has decided to pause DST during the holy month of Ramadan in 2014, from Saturday, June 28 at 3AM to Saturday, August 2 at 2AM. Fix it solutions for Windows have been released to address this change, and you can find the details and download them here:
  • Blog Post: 2012 DST changes for Morocco

    According to a recent law [ link ] passed by the government of Morocco, Morocco will follow DST each year from 2012. Microsoft is releasing a series of updates for Windows to address this change. You can find details of the updates, including order of installation here: [KB2698707] Note: All systems...
  • Blog Post: December 2013 DST Cumulative Update for Windows Operating Systems

    The December 2013 DST Cumulative Update for Windows Operating Systems has been published on Microsoft Download Center. It contains the following changes: Mid-Atlantic Time: The Mid-Atlantic time zone is deprecated in this update. Morocco Standard Time: Morocco extended the 2013 DST...
  • Blog Post: Notice: Ramadan Exception for Morocco DST

    As stated in the previous blog post , Microsoft has issued updates for Morocco introducing Daylight Saving Time in 2012 [ KB2698707 ]. Daylight time will be paused during the holy month of Ramadan. Due to the yearly fluctuation of the start and end dates of Ramadan during this time of year, it...