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Chile announces an extension on their Daylight Saving Time for 2008

Chile announces an extension on their Daylight Saving Time for 2008

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The government of Chile announced on February 7, 2008, that their current daylight saving time will be extended in order to save energy. The new fall back date for the daylight saving period of 2007-2008 is:

     Daylight saving time ends:  Last Saturday of March at 11:59:59PM

Information is available via our Chilean web site at, "Extension del horario de Verano en Chile".  Customers and partners will find additional information on this change and manual remediation at

The default configuration for the time zone “(GMT-04:00) Santiago” in Windows Operating Systems does not reflect the new final date for the daylight saving time defined by the government.  This bulletin summarizes the actions recommended for customers in Chile to address the extension of daylight saving time and mitigate its impacts.

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